A look at the tools enhancements for JDE Release 23 (January)

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This January, we saw major updates on the tools side of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Tools enhancements were released across 3 different areas including

  1. Digital Transformation
    Automation within JD Edwards just got easier! Define a set of inputs associated with the scheduled runs of an orchestration.
  2. User Experience
    Tired of manually formatting your Excel data, increasing mistakes & errors? Gain the ability to import data from Excel even with cell values derived from Excel formulas, functions, or cell formatting.
  3. Platform
    Support for the latest web browsers and development tools, including the Apple iOS 16 platform certification.

32-bit JDE will no longer be supported from 9.2.6* on.
Still on the 32-bit platform? Consider a 64-bit migration now to stay code current.

Windows 2012/2012 R2 ends in October 2023 
MSSQL 2012 reached the end of support in July 2022. If you're still running Windows 2012/2012 R2 or MSSQL 2012, migrate now to prevent future interruptions.

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Notes from Oracle Release 23 Digital Transformation Tool Enhancements

  • Text Attachment API Enhancements
    Gain enhanced control over how text attachments are added, updated, and retrieved using the Application Interface Services (AIS)
  • Exclude Orchestrations from OpenAPI Document
    Control the visibility of your orchestrations. Mark them "private" to exclude them from the discoverable list of available orchestrations in the OpenAPI 2.0 and Swagger documents.
  • Define Inputs for a Scheduled Orchestration
    Orchestrations can be configured with default inputs; however, sometimes the inputs that are appropriate for a scheduled orchestration are different. With this enhancement, define a set of inputs that are associated with the scheduled runs of an orchestration.
  • User Modifications to the Orchestrator OpenAPI Document
    Orchestrator automatically generates the OpenAPI document from the internal specifications of orchestration objects; however, from time to time customers find it necessary to edit that OpenAPI document to reflect modifications they have made. This feature provides an editing window that allows a user to manually modify the automatically generated OpenAPI document.

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