JDE Roadmap Planning

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brij optimizes existing JD Edwards systems to better accomplish your organizational goals. Your brij consultant guides the process through planning, implementation, and monitoring to ensure the best results.

Brij follows a four-pronged roadmap methodology developed with more than 35 years of industry experience:

  1. Discover initiatives to improve the use of your JD Edwards system
  2. Review suggestions to keep you agile and better prepared to adapt to market shifts
  3. Define the sequence for maximum growth
  4. Guide the process and offer ongoing support
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  • Improving functional utilization
  • Reducing user knowledge gaps
  • Identifying automation opportunities
  • Increasing user adoption
  • Creating an efficient & responsive customer experience

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Leverage the full capability of your JD Edwards systems to keep you working towards continued success. For over 35 years, brij has continuously led the industry by developing and refining proven industry methods. The are many ways the latest release can help provide ROI.

Discover possible solutions the latest release can offer your business, examples include;

  • Automating volume level pricing in procurement
  • Increasing efficiency & productivity with manufacturing orchestrations
  • Reducing your inventory holding costs
  • Optimizing your Purchase Order approval processes
  • brij can help.
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What's new with JD Edwards

Automation to eliminate manual tasks and drive innovation. Increasing the value of your software investment with enhanced visibility and actionable insights.



Optimization to create agile, resilient organizations that are able to respond quickly to change. Creating improved customer engagement and enabling employees to make faster, more intelligent business decisions.

Transformation is enabled by our digital technologies. Enabling organizations to become connected, customer-centric teams with access to real-time digital intelligence.

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