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  • Discrepancies from one report to the next?
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End-of-Year Financial Support

A Faster Annual Close with brij

End of the year is a crucial time for finance and management teams. The average accounting team takes 25 days to complete an annual close. Couple that with monthly or quarterly reports, holidays, and staff vacation times - safe to say it's a busy time of year. Save your team the headache and let brij tackle those pesky, necessary tasks that back up the queue every year.

Cutting the annual close from 25 days to 1 week is possible with brij. Oracle’s global organization does it using the same EPM tools you use. 

Learn to fully understand all of the features of Oracle Hyperion / EPM Cloud to automate your year-end activities, or let our team handle it for you.

These services are like an à la carte menu - only pay for what you need.

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Year End Processes:

  • Consolidation
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Narrative Reporting
  • Fiscal Year Close
  • Fiscal Year Close for Budgets

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Save Time & Resources

56% reduced the number
of planning days per cycle

Improve Alignment

38% increased flexibility of planning & forecasting

Accelerate Business Agility

44% saw better forecast accuracy
*Statistics per Oracle 2022

Spending the majority of your time gathering info

is time not spent leading your business

Businesses around the world look to their finance teams to provide guidance about where to invest and grow especially in times of uncertainty. When those teams have to spend most of their time gathering, reconciling, verifying, and analyzing the company’s finances through spreadsheets and narrowly focused niche solutions, they can’t lead the business. 

Built-in machine learning helps identify correlations and trends in the data. It can detect human bias in a sales projection and help improve sales forecast accuracy. Machine learning also helps further refine your plan’s profitability and cost management capabilities. It shows you what it costs to deliver products and services along with your ROI. 

Speed matters during the financial close, and oracle offers dedicated solutions for account reconciliation, tax reporting, and consolidation that leverages machine learning and process automation to continuously reduce cycle times. 

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