Approvals in Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud

Oracle EMP in the Cloud Approvals in Oracle Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud 

Easily review and approve plans submitted by cost centers or departments as part of your overall budgeting process with Oracle Cloud EPM. Approvals or notification processes involve business users in the planning and budgeting process. As businesses grow and reach certain thresholds (like budgeted revenue for a region, number of units produced, number of employees recruited, etc.), approvals are necessary to continue growth, and business teams must be notified for continuous planning. 


This is a forecast cycle, and a business user is executing on the working version of the forecast cycle for “Alfold” area. There is a threshold set on the Dividend Paid account for this area; if the threshold value exceeds $1000, then we need to notify the Admin and Reviewer of the same before proceeding.

Learn to do it yourself with this step-by-step guide by brij:

Download the Guide to setting up approval processes in Oracle Cloud EPM


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Essential Terms

  • Approval Units - A combination of entity, scenario, version, and any custom dimension members that identify plans for review and approval. Each cost center or department is referred to as an approval unit. These units consist of an entity scenario and version dimension members who define the plans they submit.
  • Promotional Path - Formed of people who must review an approval unit; this often reflects your business structure. Although it may vary by organization, typically an administrator defines approval units and hierarchies to best reflect the existing business structure
  • Reviewers - Define validation rules to perform set tasks. i.e. set limits to ensure a plan doesn’t exceed a set budget
  • Operational Planners - Responsible for preparing a plan for their cost center/department, and submitting it as an approval unit to immediate management for review.