Analytics, Reporting & Business Intelligence (BI)

The value of data comes from the insights you can draw from it – not the information itself. However, as the variety and complexity and raw amount of your data grows, obtaining those insights becomes exponentially more difficult without a strategic approach. and the right tools & technology.

brij’s Analytics, Reporting & Business Intelligence (BI) Services help your company transform data into actionable insights delivered on-demand, in real-time, and in a format that enables key-decision makers to immediately take action.

brij tailors our analytics, reporting & BI solutions to fit your business’ needs. Whether you have an on-premise, cloud or hybrid architecture, our solutions will help you to allocate, analyze and deliver data across your enterprise. Leveraging enhanced control of your data will enable you to gain new, actionable insights to drive better business performance.

Key benefits from strategic analytics, reporting & BI include:

Accelerated growth through actionable insights & business process innovation

Predictive analytics to stay a step ahead of the curve with insights for the future from past data

Optimized cost management through streamlined operations & financial performance analysis

Real-time results to meet immediate business needs with on-demand updates

Enhanced risk management through improved regulatory compliance & internal risk control

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Why brij Analytics, Reporting & Business Intelligence Solutions?

brij provides the tools & technology necessary for your company analytics, reporting, & BI needs. Using big data in order to gain business performance insights includes more than operational reporting and financial roll-ups. Our holistic approach to analytics, reporting, & BI services provide your organization with new resources and competencies required for process transformation.

Transform data into actionable insights with brij suite of analytics, reporting and BI services including:

  • Operational Business Intelligence: enable effective monitoring, sensing, management and analysis of your organization’s business processes.
  • Business Performance Management (BPM): make critical decisions to streamline productivity & effectiveness
  • Employee Productivity: manage & monitor employee utilization and effectiveness to optimize productivity on the individual-level as well as throughout your enterprise.
  • Prospect & Customer Analytics: manage prospects and customer relationships by leveraging personalized information.
  • Risk & Compliance: Stay up to date with regulatory compliance and risk management across your enterprise.
  • Threat & Fraud Detection: predict, mitigate or hedge potential negative business outcomes.


Self-Serve Analytics & Reporting

The ability for a company to optimize performance through data depends on that organization’s decision-makers’ ability to be alerted and act on potential threats & opportunities in real time.

brij’s Analytics, Reporting & BI Services deliver the kind of process transformation that helps key-decision makers stay up to date and better understand their organization’s business performance, so they may strategically act at the right time.

brij’s Analytics, Reporting & BI Solutions leverage the latest data visualization technology in along with your existing BI tools to enable you to manipulate data to suit your needs. Rapidly build and customize dashboards & reports how you need them & when you need them, freeing up your IT resources to focus on other key strategic initiatives.

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