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Advanced Healthcare Analytics

Historically, transaction-heavy programs such as those in the healthcare industry, have relied on operational and descriptive reporting, typically found in the lower half of the analytics solution spectrum, to meet healthcare business intelligence needs.

These are traditional healthcare analytics reporting capabilities in rows and columns with some drill down capabilities and alerts to indicate the need for further analysis.

These are essential to providing structure for monitoring and management, federal compliance and overall program administration. They answer the question, what happened?

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brij Healthcare Analytics Solutions

The line of questioning has expanded to why did it happen, how did it happen, what could be happening, what can we do to avoid these issues from happening in the future? This is where advanced healthcare analytics supplement reporting and the basic healthcare analytics of the past.

Brij’s complete, comprehensive healthcare analytics portfolio not only provides basic healthcare analytics reporting but also provides insights and actionable information to help our clients to:

  • Improve quality and reduce costs
  • Predict consumer actions or behavior
  • Predict outcomes based on trends

Data-driven, actionable insights are critical to measuring, monitoring, probing, and evolving today’s modern healthcare delivery system. Advanced healthcare analytics can streamline and simplify data mining by presenting summarized findings and presenting information as opportunities for intervention, reinforcement or improvement in the performance of your health care programs.

Healthcare Analytics: Performance Improvement Initiative

Institutions are increasingly being scrutinized to cut costs but also provide better healthcare outcomes. This is not an easy task to undertake and needs to be handled with precision and understanding of the complex healthcare environment.

Brij is committed to working with you and assessing your current analytic state, your future goals and helping you achieve your goals. A few initiatives we can look into together are:

  • Researching your readmission rates and understanding areas to decrease readmission rates and costs.
  • Identifying high cost patients early and balancing their needs cost effectively
  • Identifying patient trends and determining if specific investments and initiatives can be implemented to improve outcomes and lower costs

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